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Rügen Island


If you live in Germany and you are still apprehensive about flying this year, start by planning a corona-conscious trip to the baltic sea, Rügen island.
Located in the upper corner of Eastern Germany, this island is a very popular tourist destination.

When arriving in Rügen, travelers will likely journey through ✅Binz.
This small town is the island’s most crowded destination, and always has events on offer.
Its panorama has remained true to the Zeitgeist of the 19th century.

✅Prora, on the other hand, offers a very different experience. Also known as the Colossus of Prora, this enormous waterfront offers beautiful architecture.

The pretty town of ✅Sellin has Colourful rows of houses, small shops full of amber and restaurant with local specialties adorn the streets. The place is also home to one of Rügen’s emblems – the Sellin pier. Today, Sellin is a perfect starting point for excursions – for instance, to ✅the Jasmund National Park.

A Paradise to Conquer 
Uncountable beech trees characterise the Jasmund National Park. The Park has an exceptionally wide range of habitats thanks to the complex effects of climate, relief and soil. Since 2011, its beech forest is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 3,000-hectare forest invites explorers to take walks along the ancient trunks and below protective treetops.

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Black Forest

Here’s some inspiration for a relaxing week, with hiking trips, resorts, natural thermal baths and luxury spa’s.
The black forest is a magical place.

Here’s our guide to some of the most beautiful spots in the area:

Baden-Baden – one of Europe’s most fashionable spa towns, is an ideal base for exploring the Black Forest. The 19th–century town is filled with striking Belle Époque-era architecture and old-world luxury.

Bad Wildbad – Has beautiful views of endless pine trees and the gorge of the Enz river. This town is also filled with thermal baths. Enjoy the picturesque village.

Calw – Sits in the north of the Black Forest with a reputation as being one of the forest’s prettiest towns.

Baiersbronn – This idyllic mountain resort is made up of nine separate villages. When you aren’t gorging on excellent cuisine or enjoying long walks through the conifer-strewn forests, take a trip to the ski slopes or visit the area’s golf courses.

Titisee Lake – Travelers flock to Titisee to swim, windsurf and sail in good weather. Occasionally, in the winter, the lake will freeze over enough to allow ice skating. It’s a place of otherworldly natural beauty.

Triberg Falls – Germany’s highest waterfall. At night, the illuminated water is striking, and even in the winter, the Triberg Falls look beautiful surrounded by snow.

Heidelberg -This town is filled with majestic cityscapes and a palpable historic atmosphere. Visit the castle gardens for a fantastic view of the city. Take a walk through the baroque-style Old Town and view the historic stone bridge.

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Romantic Getaway


Germany is not a place for romance!?
We say yes it is 🙌🏾

Germany’s most scenic drive, the Romantic Road, offers visitors the opportunity to discover the rich culture, picturesque scenery, and medieval character of this fantastic country.

Running between Würzburg and Füssen, it leads travelers through Bavaria’s most stunning attractions, including the spectacular Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired both Walt Disney and J K Rowling.
The baroque city of Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber – the best preserved medieval town in the country, and the enchanting Pfaffenwinkel region, famous for its rolling countryside peppered with quaint villages and pilgrimage churches.

Although the route is quite touristy and can get pretty busy during the summer months, it delivers one of the most authentic experiences Germany has to offer, one that combines local hospitality with history, art, culture and natural beauty.

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I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself. 

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Travel brings power and love back into your life

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Traveling is an investment in yourself.