Learn how to SWIM with Raphael R.

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Raphael Rosario is a Filipino swim teacher based in Berlin. He started swimming regularly as a child and became a swimming instructor for Nestle Milo Sports in high school. Raphael later completed Red Cross beach and pool lifeguard training. Now he teaches private 1-on-1 and group swimming classes in Berlin.

We asked Raphael:

“Why do you love swimming and what motivates you to teach people?” 

“In the Philippines, numerous kids, as well as adults, drown from floods. I wanted to help in my own small way by using skills, I see as an essential life skill. Swimming is something a lot of people struggle with as its obviously not natural to breath and move under water but with a few simple techniques and practice, moving becomes possible and absolutely enjoyable. Being in the ocean and swimming is something I love doing and I want to give people the chance to experience this too.” 

In only 4 weeks you can learn how to swim! Thus,  you will be able to enjoy your dream vacation to the FULLEST! Sounds good? 

Check this out:

The course includes 12 classes x 1hr within 4 weeks. Which means you’ll be training 3 times per week. Total costs are 714€ (incl. entrance fee for the swimming pool for the teacher). 

The classes will be held in English and at the Velodrom in Berlin. 

We’re currently only offering  1 to 1 sessions.

The full training schedule will be shared with you after your booking. 

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