We would like to thank every and each individual soul that made this retreat so special and unforgettable. 

It was our very first retreat and you made our dream come true! We had the honor to host about 30 beautiful Black & Brown bodies and share with you our expertise experiences and shared our thoughts. Together we created a harmonious space where we all were allowed to be our soft and kind selves. 

Thank you and hopefully see you soon again!

*SPOILER ALERT* The next retreat is planned to take place in november.

Loads of love

Tobi, Helen & Justice 


Standing in the tradition of Audre Lorde, we understand Self Care as a radical act and define wellness under our own terms. Yes, this is about YOU and your well-being!  We will come together as individuals which share the same desire for rest and recharge and create a community that has the ability to heal and care for one another. 

For this reason MPT has partnered with Tobi Ayé (Somatic movements/ breathwork/ Skin Care by RECONEKT) and Helen Workneh and co-created a 1 day retreat in the middle of the city. As Wellness experts they will guide you through hours of well being practices, addressing body, breath, mind and engaging all your senses.

Dive deep into the beauty of communal healing in the presence of like minded people. This is your time to take up space and attend to your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

The retreat costs 150€ per person and includes: 

  • Soft Space Workshop faciliated Tobi Ayé from Portugal (6hrs)
  • Yoga Session with Helen (1,5hrs)
  • Exclusive bathing time at Hamam Bad Berlin (1hr)
  • Food & beverages 

Date:  07.05.22, 08.05.22

Time: 9am- 6pm 



Mariannenstraße 6

10997 Berlin


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The dream is to see injustice and oppression towards BIPOC bodies end one day. But until we get there how can BIPOC bodies live fully and thrive in a racist system? When do our bodies experience ease, rest, deep relaxation, and long-lasting well-being?

Race-based traumatic stress (RBTS) which is not considered as a mental health disorder, refers to the mental and emotional injury that can occur as the result of living within a racist system or experiencing events of racism. And as what we live and go through affects our bodies in such a profound way, we need to nurture it and provide it with the softness it deserves but does not get in the world we are living today.

As a consequence, at RECONEKT, we are convinced that as BIPOC, “wellness” does not have the same meaning as it has for white bodies.

Soft space is designed with non-triggering, but instead gentle tools that will help us understand:

  • Our nervous system and how it functions under anxiety.
  • The anatomy of breath, and how to use breathing exercises to calm the brain waves, regulate and befriend the nervous system.
  • Nurture and restore the body with skin care, somatic movements, and self-massage.
  • The power of plants and essential oils for our well-being.


This yoga session will take 1,5 hours and is open to all levels and bodies.

Starting off with some breathing and warm up exercises and followed by sun salutations, Helen will lead you through a set of different asanas (postures). Standing asanas are going to create heat in your body, then forward bends will provide some relaxation, followed by backbends (which are also called heart openers) and beginner friendly inversions that teach you to look at things from another perspective.

This will be concluded by meditation and shavasana (deep relaxation). A curated playlist will guide you through this journey and allow you to sink deeper into the experience.


Ancestral practices of several cultures that continue to this day, collective baths are a way to socialize while cleansing the body and releasing stress.

Warm water is proved to have significant benefits, both physical and psychological. It reduces stress, fatigue, and pain, as well as improves skin condition.

Join us for a moment of connection and relaxation during our 1 Day retreat. 


Born and raised in Benin, Tobi lived 7 years in Berlin before moving to her last stop in Lisbon where she is currently based.

She defines herself as a wellness activist, centering Black Bodies and well-being in her work. She is a bodyworker (nervous system centered) and a certified breathworker – two parts of her identity that converged with her study of green cosmetic formulation, to create RECONEKT, a wellness and cosmetic brand that has launched its first product in the end of 2021.


Helen is a Berlin based Jivamukti Yoga teacher with Ethiopian roots.

After realizing the life changing potential Yoga carries, Helen decided to commit her time into studying and passing on its profound teachings. She accomplished her teacher training in 2018.
She now offers several classes weekly in a well attended studio in Berlin (and online).

Helen believes yoga goes beyond culture, race, gender or class and is dedicated to open up a safer spaces for people who have been excluded. She’s convinced that yoga can provide inner and outer strength, bring a sense of balance and clarity. What’s more, it can support healing processes in a magical and beautiful way.

Helen understands yoga as a spiritual practice that covers more than just the
physical aspect and pervades all areas of life. By using body, breath and mind, practitioners are supported while working through patterns, habits and layers of conditioning that prevent them from experiencing inner peace and contentment.

“Self- love is not a feeling, but rather something you do each day.”

– Taj Arora

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