• I invite you to join my next

    Postcolonial walking tour

    A walk through Wedding in Berlin will give you a holistic understanding of the role Germany played during colonialism. 


  • Why is it called

    Afrikanisches Viertel?

    Where do the name of the streets at Afrikanisches Viertel come from? What's the story? And why is Germany not teaching about it? This are questions we would like to tackle and answer as good as possible in this short time.  

Anti Racism

As part of the leadership team at the running club WAYVRUNKOLLEKTIV. I have helped organizing the first Anti- Racism Run in Berlin. 

Over 60 people from different nations have come together to run with us and reclaim the streets of Berlin. 

As part of the run I have shared some historical events for participants to understand the streetnames and memorial plaques we have passed on our route.

Together with the team and our Co- hosts such as E.O.T.O e.V, labelnoire Berlin, Black Brown Berlin, Sankofa Kita e.V., Schwarze Filmschaffende Berlin, Speak Up Official, BIWOC Rising and more, we have been able to create an unforgettable event! 

The goal is to decolonize, deconstruct the existing structures that are so harmful to Black and Brown and other marginalized bodies, through knowledge and fun! 

Many thanks to all runners that day!