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Our BIPOC Travel Network is not only the first to know about new, upcoming group trips but also profits from exclusive offers and discounts by these brands. To become part of our network contact us via WhatsApp or Signal.

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Decolonial Walking Tours Berlin

Let’s go for a walk through the African Quarter in Berlin! 

We will start the tour at Afrikanische Strasse and will walk towards Petersallee. After three stops we will proceed walking to Nachtigalplatz. From there our journey will take us to our final destination Kongostreet.

In the meantime we will learn about Adolf Lüderitz and the different African Countries that played a significant role for Germany during colonialism. 

In total we will do about 10 stops while gaining an understanding of the history of these streetnames and the historical meaning of this quarter. 

Learn African LanguageS!

We’ve partnered up with SANKOFA SPRACHSCHULE! 

The first school in Germany where African instructors teach African languages live.

This is an authentic place for you to learn Swahili, Twi, Lingala and many more languages spoken on the African continent. 

In case you’re not based in Germany, don’t worry many classes are held online. Sankofa offers classes for different age groups too. So in case you want to strengthen your children’s language skill they can feel comfortable in a small group with kids of similar age. 

What’s more, we’re launching together a specific course for travelers. This way you can learn the basics that will prepare you for your trip. 

Age groups

Sankofa offers classes for kids and adults.


Classes can be taken online and offline in Berlin.

trial session

You have the possibility to participate in one tryout session for free.

About the Classes

Suitable study groups

Sankofa will place you in the right study group based on your age and classification level. Check out their website to see all languages that are currently being offered.


You can choose whether you want to learn the language in German or English. What’s more, all languages can be learned in the comfort of your own home.

Mission Statement

Unfortunately, a large part of the African Diaspora around the world has not had the chance to get to know their homeland growing up. In many cases it was neglected to convey the native language, history and culture to them.
We can not only communicate with language. It is also part of our identity and is always linked to certain cultures and ways of life. When language is lost, culture is irrevocably destroyed.
Sankofa is an old West African symbol and means something like “back to your roots” (to find what was lost). Sankofa Sprachschule wants to help make up for what has been missed and has therefore been making different African languages available online and on site at different language levels since 2018.
It is our aim to convey the language, culture and history to everyone who is interested.

Akwasi Valentin


Anti Racism Run'20

As part of the leadership team at the running club WAYVRUNKOLLEKTIV. I have helped organizing the first Anti- Racism Run in Berlin.

Over 60 people from different nations have come together to run with us and reclaim the streets of Berlin.

As part of the run I have shared some historical events for participants to understand the streetnames and memorial plaques we have passed on our route.


Together with the team and our Co- hosts such as E.O.T.O e.V, labelnoire Berlin, Black Brown Berlin, Sankofa Kita e.V., Schwarze Filmschaffende Berlin, BIWOC Rising and more, we have been able to create an unforgettable event!

The goal is to decolonize, deconstruct the existing structures that are so harmful to Black and Brown and other marginalized bodies, through knowledge and fun!

Many thanks to all runners that day!