Our Program

Day 1-3 Arrival, Masai Mara Tour

Day 4- 5 Serengeti Tour

Day 6 Crater Tour

Day 7- 12 Kilimanjaro Hike

Day 13 Rest at Salinero Hotel

Day 14 Departure

Amazing. Totally recommended.

We went for a 3-days trip Safari at Masai mara in August. The safari was incredible, we had been told that the period was perfect for the safari. We had a very great guide (Mr David) who was very kind for the whole trip, and available for any requests we had. The camp was great and Triangle Safari was very good and professional in helping us finding the best solution according to days, budget etc. I would definitely recommend Triangle safari to anybody going to Kenya for a Safari!

Masai Mara

Drive to Masai Mara, so named to mean the “spotted plains” in the Maa language. This is home to the greatest concentration of large mammals and is widely recognized as Africa’s ultimate wildlife reserve. The park is the northern extension to the vast Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, famous for its annual migration of wildebeest.


Drive along Serengeti plains- 

home to elusive lions, leopards, elephants, cheetah, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, wild dog, gazelles, and crocodiles among others.


The route goes up through the forest until we reach the steep ascent onto the Shira Plateau, where there are rewarding views of the mountain. Looking back, you will be able to see Mt Meru rising high above Arusha town in the distance.


On our curated tour you’ll traverse the southwest side of Kilimanjaro, passing underneath the Lava Tower and the final section of the Western Breach.

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