Decolonial Walking Tour

A walk through the African Quarter in Berlin Wedding will give you a holistic understanding of the role Germany played during colonialism. 

The tour duration is approx. 2hrs and costs 25€ per person. Meeting point is U-bhf Afrikanische Strasse/ Müllerstrasse. 

At 11am the tour takes place in German. 

At 2pm the tour takes place in English.

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What is it about?

Where do the name of the streets in the African Quarter come from? What's the story of the different street names? Who were Gustav Nachtigal and Carl Peters? We would like to tackle and answer these and many more questions during our tour. Learn about the most important chapter in the German African History.

our Guides


Prosper Mvemba

Sociology B.A.

“We need to stop hiding this dark part of history. It has to be told and if the schools won’t do it, we do it ourselves.”

Justice Mvemba


“I believe we can create a better world for our future generations by educating ourselves and the people around us about history. Facing the truth might be painful but absolutely necessary in order for the world to heal.”

Desmond Boateng

Internat. Security Management M.A.

“I want to promote the narrative that colonialsm has done more harm than good. Again, those people who were colonialised and their future generation must know everything that happened, so that colonialsm will never happen again.”