Workshop Navigating feelings of discomfort

BOOKING NAVIGATING FEELINGS OF DISCOMFORT AS WHITE ALLIES "Collective liberation is not an utopia! And yes it's about everyone's wellbeing. Don't underestimate your power to bring change.”- Tobi AyéThe Eurocentric paradigm with all that it entails: individualism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, colonization... does not benefit anyone, not even white people.White allies are already aware or questioning the state of the world and their

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BOOKING TOGERTHENESS & SENSE OF BELONGING A key factor in historical and racialised trauma is the erasure and an attempt of destruction of home-place, identity, culture and sense of belonging. We have a sense of belonging when we feel connected, attached, close and accepted by a community or group of people. Belonging is a necessary ingredient for our performance, health, well-being and resilience.



LEARN HOW TO PLAY TENNIS Come and join our Tennis sessions with Coach Mathieu. Our classes are for beginners and will be taking place at Turngemeinde in Berlin (TiB), Columbiadamm 111, 10965 Berlin. Each session has a duration of 1hr, so make sure to be on time. Reach out to us viaWhatsApp: 0049 152 2108 6724 orE-Mail: Contact us ABOUT MATHIEU Coach Mathieu was raised

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Retreat bipocs

BOOKING MISSION STATEMENT Standing in the tradition of Audre Lorde, we understand Self Care as a radical act and define wellness under our own terms. Yes, this is about YOU and your well-being!  We will come together as individuals which share the same desire for rest and recharge and create a community that has the ability to heal and care for one another. 

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Decolonial Walking Tour Decolonial Walking Tour A walk through the African Quarter in Berlin Wedding will give you a holistic understanding of the role Germany played during colonialism.  Meeting point is U-bhf Afrikanische Strasse, exit Müllerstrasse.  What is it about? Where do the name of the streets in the African Quarter come from? What's the story of the different street names? Who were Gustav Nachtigal and

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