Traveling in Germany

Traveling in Rügen Island If you live in Germany and you are still apprehensive about flying this year, start by planning a corona-conscious trip to the baltic sea, Rügen island.Located in the upper corner of Eastern Germany, this island is a very popular tourist destination.When arriving in Rügen, travelers will likely journey through ✅Binz.This small town is the island’s most crowded destination, and always has

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Welcome 2021

WE WELCOME YOU 202WON! Happy new year wishes from My Premium Travel team!2020 was a very scary and challenging year but it showed us how precious life is and what really matters in life.So this new year of 2021 take risks, follow your dreams, be your best self and don't be afraid. If you fall stand up and continue.2021 is your dream year. Make it

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Petradi Amorgos- Greece

Petradi Amorgos WELCOME TO SECRET SPOT IN GREECE! Petradi is a compound consisting of a villa, three rooms to lent, and a beach bar in Levrossos beach, Amorgos, in a distance of less than 2 km from the Port of Aegiali. It is located just a few meters from the sea, making it an ideal place for mental and physical relaxation and renewal; you will only need

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