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We strive to fill our spaces with love! Our travellers shall feel loved and welcomed in each place they decide to visit. This way they can relax and recharge.


We believe that physical and mental health are key factors to live a happy life! With our travel services & trips we aim to contribute to both for our clients.


By creating anti- racism spaces that are attached to our behaviour codex, we give our BIPOC clients the possibility to travel within safer spaces.


Knowledge is power. By educating our travellers about history, cultures and traditions we believe we can help decolonize minds.

Memories fade but
…With this in mind we make it our highest priority to curate travels in Africa & Europe, that will make our customers become amazing story tellers.
Not by coaching them or teaching techniques of story telling, but by simply providing them with unforgettable experiences.
Experiences that touch their soul, mind and bodies.
We know that what makes a story extraordinary,
are the emotions and energy created by the story teller.
We want our clients to tell new stories that might even differ from the stories that the media has told us so far.
We want people to see the beauty of Africa with their own eyes and change the narrative of this continent.
We want travellers to experience Europe in a way they had never imagined before.
We want to create new stories that will be spread all over the world.
And little by little there will be amazing stories told about both impactful continents around the globe.
That’s our mission!

Get in touch with us and create a your own new story.

A story so powerful that it can change the way people view the world…

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