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By creating anti-racism spaces that are attached to our behavior codex, we provide safer group travel & experiences for our BIPOC travelers.


Knowledge is power.
By educating people about history, cultures and traditions we believe we can help decolonize minds. Hence, we provide city tours on postcolonial history in Berlin.


We strive to support locals by bringing more visibility to their offers. This is our way of helping to strengthen communities economically.


On our site you can find a booking platform that will provide you with flight, hotel and car reservations. 


We believe that physical and mental health are key factors to live a happy life. With our travel services & curated sport trips we aim to contribute to both for our clients.

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  • BIPOCs like us face racism and discrimination all around the world. In order for you to have the best possible travel experience we prepare you as good as possible with the required infos! 

  • We organize group travels for travelers to go and experience the African continent, countries & places we hear & see so many controversial things about.